Examinations Unit

The Examination unit is a unit within the Registry.

  • The Unit facilitates proper conduct in the general administration and results processing.
  • Coordinates all the examination processes and functions ensuring compliance with the UCC policies, security regulations, University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) Accreditation Standards, and international best practice. 
  • Is responsible for the compilation, printing and dispatch of test scripts .


  • Be seated in the exam room 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the exam
  • Remember Cell Phones are not allowed
  • Do not write on the Exam Permit


  • Download form
  • Clash of Exams is where a student is scheduled to sit two (2) or more examinations on the same date and time.
    Clash of Exams are sometimes inevitable. Students are advised to review the published Examination Schedule sent to their emails and published at strategic points at all campuses. It is the responsibility of the student to identify and report clashes using the CLASH form. Forms must be completed and submitted at the earliest, at least 14 days prior to the scheduled examination date. 


  • Students may be granted the opportunity to sit an alternative exam if they missed the officially scheduled exam for one of the following reasons:

    • Personal illness
    • Work emergency
    • Family emergency

In the cases, appropriate document must be submitted to the Campus Manager / Programme Coordinator before the date of the examination or within seven (7) days of the date of the specific examination, in cases where it was not possible to submit it before the examination

Requesting To Sit Alternative Examination

  1. Candidates must complete Alternative Examination Application in duplicate.
  2. Candidates should submit to their coordinator completed forms along with a valid document(s) - letter from employer, justice of the peace, govt. body etc or medical certificate/report – for authorization, six (6) weeks before the scheduled examination period.
  3. The duly authorized form must be taken to the UCC Cashier/Campus Manager, accompanied by the current applicable fee.
  4. One copy of the authorized forms will be retained by the UCC
  5. Candidates must present the second copy on the day of the examination along with their exam permit and valid UCC ID.
  6. Only candidates whose accounts are in good standing will be permitted to sit an alternative examination. 


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