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The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC), registered as a University College by the University Council of Jamaica, is Jamaica’s largest, fastest-growing, non-affiliated private institution of higher education, and is now one of six higher education entities with the accolade of institutional accreditation from the University Council of Jamaica. UCC is also institutionally accredited internationally by the UK-based Accreditation Service for International Colleges and Universities, and is registered by the Jamaica Tertiary Education Commission, JTEC, the official GOJ regulatory body, as a Teaching University.

UCC is headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica, with five physical campuses and UCC Online. UCC was formed in 2004, as a result of a merger in 2002 of the Institute of Management Sciences, which was incorporated in 1992, and the Institute of Management and Production, which was incorporated in 1976.

UCC offers a range of disciplines, from the professional certificate to the graduate levels. The institution currently has approximately 5,000 students, and some 400 faculty and staff members, including part-time and full-time academic staff. Throughout its history, UCC has been characterized by dynamic entrepreneurialism and international university partnerships. These partnerships include the University of London – UCC is the only local high education institution to be recognized as an affiliate University of London institution, for the purpose of providing support to Jamaican students enrolled in the Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law, and the Bachelor of Laws degree program.

The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean has also partnered with Florida International University since the beginning of the 21st Century, in offering various degree programs – now the Professional Master’s degree in Business Administration, and the Master of Science in Engineering Management. In addition, UCC has licensed the CEMBA and the CEMPA Master’s degree programs from the Commonwealth of Learning.

In summation, UCC has a range of significant competitive advantages: These include:

  • Institutional Accreditation
  • Quality-assured teaching and learning, as well as institutional effectiveness, as an internal focus
  • Competitive local, regional, and international tuition levels for students, given our institution’s abiding concern to expand access to higher education
  • Multiple international student recruitment partner portals
  • A robust, increasingly integrated information technology infrastructure to support online teaching, learning and scholarship
  • A well-developed brand, based on disruptive innovation within and beyond Jamaica
  • The extraordinarily beautiful Caribbean Island of Jamaica itself, which lends itself to education as an export, and as a site for interested international students
  • A unique link with the Caribbean Examinations Council, under which all students who complete CXC examinations across the Caribbean region have the opportunity to consider an application to UCC
  • Our still relatively new Strategic Business Unit, UCC Global, which has the potential to attract the interest of international students online from around the globe, and has begun to build asynchronous enrolment
  • Multiple student intake periods throughout the year.

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