As the largest privately held largest non-affiliated tertiary education institution in Jamaica, the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean is committed to the best practice benchmarks of collaboration with each student, in sustained work towards the development of his or her critical thinking, effective communication, acquisition of substantial professional knowledge, and effective use of technology and information.

In the course of this educational journey, you will need to learn to analyse, evaluate, synthesise and apply information, in a credible and effectively articulated manner.

You will need to assimilate, interpret and articulate the results of your information searches, as well as your thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs.

Throughout the course of your UCC experience, each student is expected to act in an ethical manner, with integrity and increasing professionalism, and is encouraged to develop a passion for lifelong learning.

At the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean, teachers and learners work together to develop eventual graduates who are informed citizens, with local, community, global and environmental awareness, appreciating diversity and pluralism, who are driven to meet or exceed the expectations of their professional colleagues.

You will meet and work with exceptional faculty members who wish to encourage your success in self-development.

We encourage you to review the University’s website, as well as the contents of the Student Handbook, as they provide details concerning UCC’s policies and regulations concerning student affairs, constituting a basis upon which you can prepare for an exciting and enriching educational journey.

Parents and other relatives will also find this website helpful, in the course of providing the family support that is essential in enabling the transformation of a freshman student into an accomplished graduate, who makes all University of the Commonwealth Caribbean community members and stakeholders proud.

We look forward to meeting and interacting with as many of you as possible, and wish you a wonderful academic year.     

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