Course: Disaster Management Theory and Policy

Course Code: GEOG6001
Credit Hours: 3

This module introduces students to the key concepts and practices of natural disaster management and equips them to conduct a thorough assessment of hazards, risks, vulnerability, and capacity building. Students should gain enhanced understanding of disaster management policies, policy implementation and processes within Jamaica and the Caribbean. This module examines the theoretical base or principle for the occurrence of disasters. Various terminologies, especially hazards, vulnerability, and risk, are explained, and their functional relationships with disaster formation are to be examined and analysed. The causes of disasters and the management of disasters are examined from the spatial and temporal context. In addition, the management of disasters from the policy and practice contexts is also examined. In this regard, the global and Caribbean regional government initiatives, country specific and local level approaches to disaster management will be clarified and their functional linkages understood. Equally important, a synergy of private and public sector in disaster management will be an essential aspect of this module.

Note: This course is available only through a programme of study.