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UCC Group Launches Three New Subsidiaries to Help Build Jamaica’s Economic Recovery

March 14, 2021 - The UCC Group of Companies, which includes the largest private non-affiliated accredited institution of Higher Learning in Jamaica, and one of the largest in the Caribbean, the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC), has expanded, with the launch of three new subsidiaries that will assist students, alumni, entrepreneurs & other businesses with business development and support services.

UCC Real Estate Investment & Development (REID), SPECTRUM Capital Partners, and the UCC Business Development and Consulting Institute (BDCI) collaborate to generate synergies and to support services primarily for entrepreneurs and MSMEs. The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean, which was formed in 2004, has always been entrepreneurial and innovative. The new subsidiaries set out to help with early business finance, information, support, and resources. Graduating students can now acquire assistance for their businesses and career ventures, while developing a lifelong relationship with the Group.

UCC Group’s newest strategic business unit (SBU) – the Business Development and Consulting Institute (UCC BDCI) – is a key player in the implementation of Jamaica’s economic growth agenda. By investing time and resources in the delivery of business development services to small and emerging businesses, the UCC BDCI helps to drive corporate startup and growth.

The Business Research Unit complements the activities of the SBDC and supports the academic mission of UCC. The research effort supports data and information for business advising, commercialization, and environment scanning.  Director of BDCI is Reginald Nugent.

UCC’s real estate and property arm, UCC REID, is seeking to develop additional campuses across the Caribbean, bringing an educational and community theme to larger projects, as well as its own residential and commercial developments in Jamaica. UCC REID helps UCC develop and maximize the use of its estate, and to innovate with blended teaching methods. This subsidiary supports graduating students, alumni & other Jamaican & Caribbean clients, with their property needs, whether office space, warehousing, or manufacturing premise construction or acquisition.  CEO of UCC REID is Richard Kildare.

Formed in the teeth of the epidemic, SPECTRUM Capital Partners, a private equity company, is raising finance to support the UCC Group’s growth, and expansion plans. Currently, directors of this entity are close to partnering with a microfinancing institute in Jamaica that provides loans for students and small businesses, and they are acquiring a majority shareholding in a second organization.  President & CEO of Spectrum Capital Partners is Keith Luck.

The University Group will continue to branch out and expand its offerings and services, including business support for UCC’s students, graduates & the wider Jamaican populace. With each assured step in Jamaica and the Caribbean, these Group subsidiaries will continue to build on the institutionally accredited University of the Commonwealth Caribbean’s acknowledged strength as a center of excellent, quality-assured, teaching, learning, innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship.

UCC’s Group Founder & Executive Chair, Dr Winston Adams, has said that Jamaica will be hearing a lot more from these innovative companies as they roll out the new Group structure and strategy.

For more information and updates, as these subsidiaries continue to build on their capacities and services for their clients, contact or call 876-906-3000.


About UCC
The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC) is the largest non-affiliated privately owned university in Jamaica.  The institution is internationally accredited by the UK-based Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC) and has achieved institutional accreditation by the UCJ.  This positions the UCC as one of only four universities, of the eighty public and private tertiary institutions that have been registered by the UCJ, to have achieved this significant and decisive accreditation status.

Date Published: 
Monday, March 15, 2021