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Application Forms
Document Title Download Link
International Application Form PDF icon International Application Form - UCC.pdf
Graduate Application Form PDF icon CGS_Application Form.pdf
Corporate Education Application Form PDF icon Corporate Education Application Form.pdf
Undergraduate Application Form PDF icon Application for Admission.pdf
Corporate Education Commitment Form PDF icon UCC Corp_Edu_Commitment Form -2018.pdf
Alternative Examination Application Form PDF icon Alternative Examination Application Form.pdf
ECAP Application Form PDF icon ECAP_Application (December 3 2018).pdf
CAP Application Form PDF icon CAP Application Form.pdf
Document Title Download Link
Graduate Studies Fees PDF icon Graduate Fees - January 2019.pdf
Undergraduate Studies Fees PDF icon Undergraduate Fees - January 2019.pdf
Document Title Download Link
2019 Academic Calendar PDF icon 2019 Academic Calendar.pdf
Document Title Download Link
Student Handbook - 2018-2019 PDF icon UCC Student Handbook - 2018-2019.pdf
Document Title Download Link
Student Update Form PDF icon Student Update Form.pdf
Add Drop Form PDF icon Add Drop Form.pdf
Clash of Exams PDF icon Clash of Exams.pdf
Re-Admission Application Form PDF icon Application for Re-Admission.pdf
Advanced Standing Request Form PDF icon Request for Exemption.pdf
Request for Exemption PDF icon Request for Exemption.pdf
Request for Transfer PDF icon Request for Transfer.pdf
Grade Query Review Request PDF icon Student Grade Query Review Request Form.pdf
Official Document Request Form (ODR) PDF icon Official Document Request Form.pdf
Withdrawal Application PDF icon Withdrawal Application Form.pdf
Student Referral Claim Form PDF icon Student Referral Claim Form.pdf
Alumni Membership Form PDF icon Alumni Membership Form.pdf
Corporate Education Course Catalogue PDF icon Corporate Education Course Catalogue.pdf
Seminar Evaluation Form PDF icon Seminar Evaluation Form.pdf
Student Complaint Form PDF icon Student Complaint Form.docx_.pdf
Parent Consent Form (ECAP) PDF icon ECAP-parent-consent-form.pdf
Application for Leave of Absence PDF icon Application for Leave of Absence.pdf
Tuition Fee Refund Policy PDF icon Tuition Fee Refund Policy.pdf
UCC101 Outreach Form PDF icon UCC101 Outreach Form.pdf
Scholarships Directory PDF icon UCCF Scholarship Directory - rev June 2018_1.pdf
Online Proctoring Service (form) PDF icon Online Proctoring Service Form (ProctorU)_Fillable.pdf

Department of Student Affairs Forms

Title Document
Personal Accident Insurance Information Sheet PDF icon Personal Accident Insurance Information Sheet_.pdf
School Mate Claim Form PDF icon School Mate Claim Form.pdf
Student Council Election Guidelines PDF icon Student Council Election Guidelines.pdf
Student Council Executive Responsibilities PDF icon Roles and Responsibilities of Officers.pdf
Student Council Nomination Form PDF icon Form- Student Council Nomination, Jan 2019.pdf
UCC101 Outreach Form PDF icon UCC101 Outreach Form.pdf