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The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean is pleased to be in association with the prestigious University of London to offer the Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law and the Bachelor of Law (LLB) degree programme through the University of London.  

The Bachelor of Law degree choices include: Standard Entry, which you can complete in a minimum of three years and a maximum of eight and the Graduate Entry, which you complete in a minimum of two years and a maximum of eight.  The LLB degree you will achieve will help you to develop skills and abilities for the long term that employers value such as problem solving, critical thinking, self-discipline and motivation.  You will receive comprehensive study guides specially developed and written by experts of Colleges of the University of London so you can rely on the quality of the degree content.  You will also have access to a wealth of online resources from the University of London as well as tutorial support from the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean, a Registered Centre for the University of London Law programmes delivered through the Department of Law.

The Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law completes in a minimum of one year and a maximum of five years.  You may be permitted to transfer from the Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law to the Standard Entry LLB programme providing you have been successful in at least three of the four level four modules. 

The Department of Law will assist you to progress through your programme of study by offering flexible study periods, in-house assessments and provide information that will help to facilitate you as you explore flexible payment options. You may find current fees and other pertinent information here to guide you in your application process at the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean. 

We stand ready to welcome you on your noble academic journey.

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