Welcome Message

Let me take this opportunity to welcome new and returning students to the Department of General Studies and Behavioral Sciences.  Most, if not all of the students at this University, have at some point or another, had to come in contact with one of more of the courses offered by the department and we hope that your learning experience has been a fruitful one thus far. We take our task of offering you quality courses and lecturers very seriously and we do not take for granted the investments you have made to enhance the level of your qualification.

The Department of General Studies and Behavioural Sciences offers English and Modern Language courses which are designed to develop overall language proficiency as well as to fulfill the general education requirements of the other degree programmes. These courses are considered support courses within the various degree programmes offered at The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean and are useful for overall development of the general knowledge base and skills set of our students. These include public speaking skills, presentation skills and writing skills all of which are required for academic purposes as well as in the business environment. The courses also expose students to critical reading and thinking skills through class readings, discussions and group projects. 

We know that once you start to work hard on your academic farmlands and you shall certainly reap the fruits of success!

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