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Overview - Doctoral Programmes at UCC

The University of Sunderland (UoS) Professional Doctorate (DProf) is a terminal degree that provides practical knowledge that can be directly applied in the workplace and other contexts. As with the DBA, coursework for this programme is based within the workplace, however, the DProf route is a generic one with applicable knowledge and techniques for research and advanced academic enquiry generally.  Each participant takes 6 modules including:

The DProf has a structure which draws on the following principles:

  • Core material delivered in a flexible manner, via study days and the use of an e-learning environment.
  • Work based development
  • Individual advice
  • Personal development, self-direction and motivation
  • Peer Support

Admission - Doctoral Programmes at UCC

In general, admission to the DProf programme requires the following supplementary documents:

  • A master’s degree, or bachelor's degree (1st class or Upper 2nd class Honours)
  • English Language competency at the post-graduate studies level
  • 1 – 2 page Personal Statement addressing professional experience and standing
  • 2 – 3 page Research Proposal related to specific problem(s) to be explored and research aims, review of current and relevant literature, proposed research methodology, and provisional time plan
  • Completion and submission of all required documents and supporting items, including:
    • Application Form
    • Two (2) References (one academic and one professional)
    • Transcripts of all prior tertiary level programmes of study (to be sent directly from the institution(s) to UCC)
    • Copy of Passport or Birth Certificate (and Marriage Certificate if applicable)

Admission Process - Doctoral Programmes at UCC

  1. An Applicant submits an Application Form
  2. Applications will be assessed by the University of Sunderland (UoS) International Office to ensure all documents have been provided.
  3. The application will be forwarded onto the UoS Graduate Research Support Team (GRS)
  4. The application is then considered by the UoS Programme Team
  5. The Programme Team may request for:
  • Further written information
  • An invitation for interview, or
  • A rejection
  1. The interview will take place with UoS and UCC using Skype or ZOOM
  2. Once a decision has been made this will be communicated to the UoS International Office.
  3. The International Office will upload the offer letter onto Confluence which UCC will disseminate.

Key Facts - Doctoral Programmes at UCC

  • Delivery mode: Face-to-Face and Online
  • Class Times: The first 18 months of each programme is taught and cohort-based, over a one-week period once per semester for three consecutive semesters. The research supervision begins thereafter. 
  • Cost: £7000 yearly
    • Monthly payment plan starts at £595 per month. Conditions apply.
  • Duration: Minimum 3 years

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