University of Sunderland's

This Masters programme is designed to give participants a head start in the tourism and hospitality sectors, which are part of one of the world’s largest industries.

The Tourism and Hospitality Management programme blends a rigorous social science approach with the development of skills that are needed by, for example, restaurant entrepreneurs, resort coordinators and hotel managers.

The programme aims:

  • To enhance students’ understanding of the nature, global complexity and range of impacts of the tourism and hospitality industries and the interrelationships between them
  • To enable students to critically apply social science and management theories, concepts and frameworks to enhance their knowledge of tourism and hospitality
  • To professionalise the tourism and hospitality industries through the development of higher level thinking, problem solving and practical management skills
  • To develop students ability to think creatively and independently through planning and conducting research and effectively communicating findings in oral and written formats 

Duration: 2 years (Part-Time)
Cost: £7,300


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