Early College and Advanced Placement High School Programme


Since September 2018, the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC) has embarked on a major partnership with the Ministry Of Education Youth and Information (MOEYI) to offer a range of associate degree programmes on the campuses of several High Schools throughout Jamaica. The main aim of this initiative has been to fast track students in receiving college credits to pursue higher level education as well as empowering and equipping them with marketable occupational skills. 

In light of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the programmes now to be offered online will include the UCC Associate Degrees, in Business Administration, Tourism and Hospitality Management, and Information Technology as well as the Occupational Associate Degrees (OADs) and Career Advancement Programme (CAP), designed and developed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information (MOEYI).  The completion goal of the OADs is within 2 years  (by Grade 13), while the CAP is completed within a year.  

The Occupational Associate Degrees (OADs) available are in the areas of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Business Process Outsourcing, Retail & Merchandising Operations, Construction Site Management, Restaurant Operations & Agro Processing among several others.

The CAP Online focuses on three areas, namely: Computer Repairs Technician, Customer Engagement and Sales and Marketing. The MOEYI presently supplies full tuition scholarships for a limited number of CAP students, who are given the opportunity of matriculating to an OAD programme".

However, the platform will indeed allow for LIVE discussion forums between peers via C4C and discussion forums between local faculty & students - but not between students and international faculty.

Under this new online initiative, all classes will be delivered through the UCC’s Multi-Media Interactive Courses Online (MICON) and the One on One integrated platforms, and distributed via LIVE interactive and pre-recorded video-based lectures online, as well as offline, and via twenty cable TV outlets. 

Additionally, students will be able to access & benefit from the following practical & stimulating functionalities & features as outlined below:

  • A dynamic online learning environment will be simulated & created similar to that of the physical university campus or lecture-room. Full-time ECAP & CAP online students will be provided with pre-determined class/program schedules each week for classes online and/or via cable TV, to also include relevant extra-curricula/non-academic activities whilst at home. Academic activities will include inter-alia e-examinations, pre-recorded online videos, e-books, discussion forums, and an application interface that will contain various quick links to numerous content providers which will  keep students further engaged otherwise, academically,
  • Faculty members & instructors will be able to manage cohorts of students and assignments, mark attendance registers, share content, and converse via Zoom or LIVE video conferencing sessions.
  • Private, on-demand or LIVE one on one ONLINE tutorial support sessions through our partnership with SMARTHINKING,
  • Practical, guided online video projects & laboratories - lab learning environments & hands on experience within Google Cloud platform provided – instructors monitor students in real time & take control of their cloud desktops,
  • FREE tablet for online access or set-top box for accessing classes on UCC TV via their cable TV station,
  • Attend LIVE lecture sessions via Zoom
  • LIVE Interactive Discussion Forums engaging both faculty & peers,
  • Syllabi/Course Outlines/Required Texts/Learning Objectives etc provided,
  • Lecture notes provided by faculty/instructors,
  • List of assignments & due dates provided.  Assignments allow learners to submit assignments in different formats,
  • Learning Paths: Assign courses to be taken in a specific order based on student attributes and university’s training requirements,
  • Discussion questions with peers,
  • Discussion questions with online faculty/instructors,
  • Standard Student Satisfaction Surveys,
  • Additional Surveys Engine - Conduct additional custom surveys among students. Collect useful data on students engagement and course efficiency,
  • Pre-recorded videos with local & international faculty, providing content consistent with the COS OAD & CAP curricula & learning objectives,
  • If required, lectures can be conveniently listened to in AUTO MODE only,
  • Additional E-Texts & ONLINE reading resources eg ProQuest, EBSCO, Credo References, E-Book Central available,
  • API integration with Aeorion SMS available,
  • Tracking of students individual competency, mastery & progress using powerful learning analytics through a skills & competency index dashboard,
  • LIVE or pre-recorded/ asynchronous tutorials & lectures can be played back at anytime to reinforce learning,
  • Online Assessments Engine: Native support on platform for multiple types of questions, quizzes, and tests with extensive reporting on all results,
  • Courses & videos can be downloaded & accessed anytime via smart phone Mobile App – without using data plan,
  • Courses & videos can be downloaded & broadcast via UCC Cable TV channel to student subscribers,
  • Online Enrolment: Students can be seamlessly enrolled online as this is highly efficient & streamlined,
  • Boost student engagement: Combine eLearning content with instructor-led training  via videoconferencing/LIVE Webinar,
  • Parents/guardians have the opportunity to sign in and view their child's performance, interactions & progress,
  • Additional Online Assessments:  Additional written online assessments/proctoring by local online faculty to complement the online assessments offered by partner universities on the new integrated LMS portal,
  • Tracks and provides insights on student performance, foster collaboration, and personalize learning,
  • Programme components will provide other flexible online technical & academic support and will enrich the student educational experience, as they pursue their Associate or Bachelor Degrees.

The ECAP initiative is also in keeping with the articulated policy of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, which seeks to ensure that all secondary school graduates have an opportunity to earn an Associate Degree by the time Grade 13 is completed.

ECAP Scholarships/Grants

Thousands of partial scholarships – 50% scholarships - will be provided by the UCC Foundation US Inc to students who enroll in the ECAP OAD Online programme.

ECAP Corporate Internships

Students and graduates of the UCC’s Associate and Occupational Degrees will benefit from local commercial and industrial linkages, which will allow them to gain hands-on experience in a variety of ways, as well as the potential for employment following graduation. This will create a workforce pipeline that will be very attractive to corporate Jamaica.

It is our expectation that our partner corporations will mentor and provide internships for students seeking needed Associate Degrees, so that when they graduate, they are ideal candidates to fill critical workforce positions. They will, therefore, provide a hiring advantage to graduates who successfully complete this programme, compared with other applicants.

Advanced Placement in UCC’s or FIU’s Upper Level Bachelor Degree Programmes

Successful graduates of this ECAP programme who wish to pursue further studies, will have the opportunity for advanced placement into either the UCC’s Online Bachelor Degree programmes or the Florida International University (FIU) Online Bachelor Degree programmes offered in Jamaica through the UCC or in Miami. The UCC has sponsored and facilitated several FIU undergraduate and graduate degree programmes locally during the past twenty years.

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