Academic Dean

Thursday, June 1, 2023

The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean invites applications from suitably qualified and experienced persons to fill the positions of Academic Dean in any one of the following five divisions listed:

1. School of Business, Entrepreneurship and Management

2. College of Behavioural Science, Humanities and Law

3. School of Mathematics, Science and Technology

4. College of Graduate Studies and Research

5. UCC Global

This position is one of the highest ranking academic positions reporting to the Provost, VP Academic Affairs.   The successful applicant will have responsibility for the coordination and monitoring of all undergraduate and graduate level academic programmes. The Academic Dean should be a Scholar of the highest repute and an Administrator who possess managerial and leadership talent.  The role includes the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of all administrative and operational areas relating to academic programs, including faculty guidance in teaching, research, professional and community service, as well as programme reviews and accreditation activities. The Dean facilitates the implementation of strategic initiatives to achieve the Institution’s goals and mission.   


Periodic managerial review based on strategic emphases and operational goals


  1. Provost and VP Academic Affairs
  2. Institutional Accreditation & Quality Assurance Team
  3. Deans of other Schools/Colleges at UCC
  4. Heads of Departments
  5. UCC Registrar
  6. Chief Finance Officer
  7. Director, Human Resource and Development
  8. Manager, Operations
  9. Manager, IS&T
  10. Chief Librarian
  11. Director of Student Affairs
  12. Student Representative
  13. Director, Marketing & Recruitment Management
  14. Executive Assistants
  15. Students


  1. Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture and other relevant Government bodies
  2. Tertiary institutions, both locally and overseas
  3. Funding agencies - local and international
  4. Private and public sector companies
  5. Heads of professional bodies and related organizations
  6. Accreditation Councils or Associations
  7. High Schools
  8. Partner Institutions


1. Assist the Provost and VP Academic Affairs in managing the academic programme(s) to ensure the efficient processing of course and examination schedules in association with the HOD’s, HOS and Programme Coordinators.

  • Ensure that texts, electronic database and other relevant course materials are in sufficient supply and are available and/or prepared on a timely basis as required for the efficient delivery of the undergraduate programmes.
  • Ensure that examination scripts are in accordance with documented institutional and academic procedures.
  • Ensure that required academic planning is done ahead of each semester.
  • Review the delivery of undergraduate programmes that are delivered online.

2. Guide and monitor adherence to academic policies and procedures.

3. Guide the development of new academic programmes and monitor the evaluation of current programmes in collaboration with the Quality Assurance Manager.

4. Ensure measures are in place for faculty recruitment, retention and development.

5. Help the Provost and VP Academic Affairs maintain frequent communication with the student population through memos and notices to update and provide pertinent information to ensure a smooth operation of the programme(s). Hosting periodic group meetings (at least at the first session of each new module to introduce Lecturers, prescribed text(s) etc).

  • Liaise with students regarding the prompt payment of course fees as indicated in statements of accounts issued by the Accounts Department.
  • Assist in facilitating part-time lecturers through their claim procedures to ensure prompt and accurate remuneration according to documented procedures.

6. Faculty Oversight

  • Supervision of full-time and part-time faculty members, in collaboration with Heads of Departments.
  • Ensure timely and accurate procedures are followed forfaculty course evaluations, observations, peer reviews, and searches. 
  • Meets with faculty members to address requests and issues.
  • Implements University policies articulated in the Faculty and Student Handbooks, and makes recommendations to the Provost for improvements as necessary.

7. Play a creative and active role in clarifying ‘course policies’ and participating in relevant discussions and/or seminars, from time to time, on any curriculum developments that are germane to the programmes being offered at all locations.

  • Be thoroughly familiar with the University Council of Jamaica Registration and Accreditation; Matriculation, Articulation and Transfer Credit; as well as other validation processes. 
  • Guide preparation for the accreditation of degree programmes in collaboration with the Director of Quality Assurance.

8. Represent the Institution by attending relevant training sessions and seminars, as required, from time to time.

9. Counsel HODs about students’ transfer arrangements, course selection, pre-requisites and co-requisites as applicable.

10. Assist with recruitment and the proper orientation of suitable qualified full-time and part-time lecturers for the programmes according to documented guidelines and procedures.

11. Facilitate the delivery of prompt service and the maintenance of high educational standards and exemplary teaching quality.

12. Assist with the development and timely implementation of appropriate marketing and public relations programmes through:

  • Contributing to the promotion of the various programmes offered by the University to different interest groups of employers and employees, and students through participation in school career expositions, for instance.
  • Ensuring the new and prospective participants are provided with accurate and up-to-date information about the University and its programme offerings.

13. Prepare a monthly status report on all activities, challenges, action(s) taken, and recommendations for the Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs.

  • Participate in the Academic Council, as well as School or Department meetings as requested, to report progress, address problem areas and take any recommended actions.     

14. In collaboration with the respective Heads of Departments, within and outside the Division of Academic Affairs, co-ordinate the following activities:

  • School and Department Operations
  • Maintenance of the academic structure and standards
  • Management of staff, teaching, and non-teaching
  • Develop and implement staff development plans and activities

15. Advise and assist the Provost and VP Academic Affairs and the HRD in the appointment of new faculty members.

16. Coordinate the use and development of human resources, in conjunction with the respective administrative heads, and HRD.

17. Assist in the oversight of all administrative requirements in respect of Strategic and Operational Plans Implementation in the Academic Affairs division

C.         AUTHORITY:

  1. Participate in faculty recruitment, as required by the Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs.
  2. Participate in evaluating academic and administration staff performance
  3. Carry out disciplinary actions in collaboration with the Provost & VP Academic Affairs and HR Department
  4. Represent the University as required by the Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs
  5. Sign faculty recruitment contracts on behalf of the Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs
  6. Evaluate academic programs in collaboration with School and Department Heads, the Director of Quality Assurance, the Vice Provost, and the Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs


  1. Academic Affairs staff complement is kept at approved levels
  2. Established academic affairs deadlines are met
  3. Academic programmes are delivered at international standards
  4. Internal and external customer service is excellent
  5. UCC’s profile in the local, regional and international community is kept high
  6. Work environment satisfaction for Academic Affairs staff is positive
  7. Faculty members are effectively evaluated and developed.

Qualifications & Requirements:

  • Doctoral degree in a discipline represented at the University.
  • At least ten years of progressively responsible experience in academic administration at the graduate level and undergraduate levels
  • Excellent human relations, team-management, communication and interpersonal skills and ability to build consensus.
  • A well-developed record of university research publications, teaching, academic advising, professional and community service

To apply please email