Turks & Caicos

UCC offers students in Turks & Caicos the opportunity to pursue Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees using a blended approach which combines traditional face-to-face classroom interaction with online instruction.  Our partner in Turks & Caicos is:

Turks & Caicos Institute of Professional Studies (TCIPS)

P.O. Box 66,
Butterfield Square
Email: info@tcips.com
Tel: (649) 339-8177

UCC Programmes:

Associate Degree (28 months):

Business Administration

Management Information Systems

Bachelor’s Degree (56 months):
Business Administration
Information Technology
Human Resources Management

Commonwealth Executive Master (20 months):

Business Administration

Tuition Fee Structure

Please see tuition fee table

Study Options

On Campus

Each year, depending on industry demand, UCC will offer on-campus programmes at the Turks & Caicos Institute of Professional Studies (TCIPS) if there is sufficient interest from students.
Students with an associate degree who wish to matriculate into the UCC Bachelor's programme must possess 60 transferable credits of prescribed courses.

Students who possess an associate degree or its equivalent but do not possess the transferable credits required by UCC will be invited to complete these credits (or courses) through online instruction.

Such applicants will be required to submit an official transcript to UCC for an evaluation of whether the credits are transferable.

UCC reserves the right to withdraw or postpone a programme if the registration levels are deemed insufficient for an on-campus class.

UCC Online

Students enrolled in UCC Online programmes will benefit from a mix of both online and on-campus teaching.

Please note however that UCC will not be able to offer on-campus teaching if there is an insufficient number of students enrolled for any course and would have to revert to offering such under subscribed courses strictly online.

However, UCC also has the right to withdraw/postpone a scheduled online course or programme if the registration levels are deemed insufficient..  

How to Apply

UCC has two regular application intake periods, one for the FALL semester which begins late August and the other for the SPRING semester which begins in early January. The FALL and SPRING semesters consist of 13 weeks each.

Applications are now open for January of 2013.



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