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Our History

In 2002, the Institute of Management Sciences (IMS – est. January 1992), acquired the Institute of Management and Production, (IMP – est. January 1976) to form the largest private higher education consortium in Jamaica.

The merger created the University College of the Caribbean (UCC). UCC became the parent organization in 2004 and established the second private university in Jamaica.  The new entity in partnership with Florida International University (FIU), the University of Florida (UF), and the Florida State University (FSU) have since embarked on a major initiative to launch a number of new business, information technology and engineering training programs in Jamaica, which began in June 2005. In 2005, the UCC obtained official recognition & registered centre status from the prestigious University of London to offer both the Diploma in Law and Bachelor in Laws degree (LLB) in partnership with that university. The main objective focuses on the further preparedness of secondary school graduates and mid level professionals with some degree of tertiary training for entry, or for upward mobility into business or industry. 

The UCC has been in the business of developing and providing higher education and training for the past 40 years. To date, approximately 70,000 persons have successfully graduated from its several programs.

Currently, the organization has an annual part-time and full-time student population (chiefly working professionals) of approximately 4,800.

The UCC has a highly qualified and experienced administrative and academic staff of 180 and 250 respectively to support all the above-mentioned programs.